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Zachary Dobson

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What I like about my teacher & lessons:

A year ago I started piano lessons with Jennifer. She is very patient and lets me figure out the notes and rhythms on my own. I always have an opinion on what music I learn to play. When we are choosing a new piece, she plays it first to see if I like it or not . Jennifer is a great teacher and I have learned a lot so far. At the end of each lesson, I am very tired !! I’m looking forward to learning more with Jennifer this year and next year too.

What my teacher says about me:

Zachary has been taking piano lessons for almost 1 year and has already progressed from beginner method books to grade 1 in the Royal Conservatory System. Aside from classical pieces he seems to enjoy playing a variety of different styles including Jazz, Blues and Boogie. Zachary easily grasped the technical concepts and musical terms taught in his grade level. His attention to detail, expressive playing and hard work make him a pleasure to teach. Keep it up Zach! – Jennifer Allen

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