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Congratulations to our Star Student of the Month – Chloe Modaragamage. Chloe is 10 years old and just this year she has started taking guitar lessons at the studio!

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What I like about my lessons: I feel like I’ve learned a lot on guitar with my new teacher. My lessons are one of the best lessons I have had and I love it. I feel like Paul is very encouraging to make me try my best and he is very nice! The studio is quiet enough for me to work with my teacher and good for me to focus.

What my teacher says about me: In our first few lessons together, Chloe has already shown an evident ability on the guitar and shown me that she has been practising between lessons. Chloe is also a fantastic listener! She always comes to lessons ready to learn, with a smile on her face, and she enjoys playing! J Great job Chloe! Keep it up and you will continue to progress at light speed! – Paul

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