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Star Student 

Ryah Monague

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Congratulations Ryah on your hard work and dedication! Ryah has been studying piano at the studio since September!

What I like about my lessons: Ryah likes piano lessons because they are fun. She says, “I like learning new songs every week. Last week I got a new song called “The Old Banjo” and it is a duet with my own sister. I’m on the second book and the song I am learning is called the Mexican Jumping Bean.” Ryah really likes her teacher. She says, “My teacher is Demi and she is a very fun girl. She helps me with my music when I get stuck on notes”.

What my teacher says about me: Ryah is a very diligent student who always seems to surprise me every week. She puts a lot of effort into learning her pieces, and always comes to class well prepared. Ryah has improved significantly over the last few months, having learned several new concepts and applied them to her pieces. Not only is she a hard-working student, but she always brings joy into the class room with her positive attitude. Congratulations and great job Ryah! – Miss Demi

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