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Private Music Lessons

Our regular private music lesson year runs in 2 19-week semesters (September-January & February-June). Regular lessons run from September through June, but summer lessons are also available as needed. For ease of billing, our clients are billed for the number of lessons included from their start date through to the end of the current semester. We are happy to break the tuition into equal monthly payments (1st of each month) with post-dated cheques or pre-authorized withdrawal from a credit card. We also offer a family discount of 10% off each tuition after the first tuition.  All private music lesson students have the opportunity to perform in 2 recitals per year and to prepare for exams or participation in the Barrie Music Festival.  See below for available instruments.

Private Lesson Rate:

(rates in effect from February 4th 2019)

30 min lesson – $26

45 min lesson – $39

1 hour lesson – $52


Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are available for ages 5 through adult. Our one-on-one sessions are tailored to meet each student’s learning style and age. Students learn theory and technique through a wide variety of styles to help keep up their motivation. We are happy to prepare our students for Royal Conservatory or Conservatory Canada exams and offer post-secondary preparation. Want to learn for fun without the stress of exams? We offer that too!

Singing Lessons

We offer private singing lessons to students aged 9 through adult. In our lessons we focus on the development of healthy singing technique through correct posture, breathing and tone placement. Lessons are taught using a variety of styles including musical theatre, classical, folk, jazz and some pop. Because so much of singing in public is about the performance, a portion of the class is also spent on performance techniques. Our instructors are all qualified to prepare students for the Barrie Music Festival, Conservatory Exam as well as post-secondary preparation.

Guitar Lessons

At The Melody in Me Paul teaches students how to read music (1 string at a time). He teaches chords and chord shapes, rhythm playing, music theory and last but not least, repertoire so that students can play full songs from start to finish either solo or with other players. Lessons are based on students’ individual taste in music, and progress toward their own learning goals. Paul encourages plenty of practice to ensure progress!

Service Features

Quality Instruments

At The Melody In Me, we make sure that our students are all working on quality instruments and equipment when they come for their lessons.  All piano lessons are taught on high quality acoustic pianos and recitals are performed on a grand piano.

Personalized Approach

All of our private lessons are tailored to the individual needs of each student, ensuring that the classes move at a pace that suits the student and include the repertoire that is most motivating for us to learn.

Spacious Facility

Our clean and spacious facility ensures that you have a comfortable space, whether you are the student in a class or a parent or sibling in the waiting room.


We feel it’s important that parents are up to date on their child’s progress in lessons at our studio. We make an effort to speak to each parent between lessons and also send home homework between lessons and progress reports at the end of each semester.

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