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Margot Hamilton
Owner & Instructor

My name is Margot Hamilton and I am the owner of The Melody In Me studio’s instructor, teaching voice and piano lessons. I have am a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music in piano, have a Bachelor of Music in Voice. I am a registered music teacher and am a member of the National Association of Teacher’s of Singing.

I first opened The Melody In Me with the dream of making music accessible to students of all abilities and needs. After my son was diagnosed with autism, I was struck by how integral music was in our lives. We used it at home to help with transitions and it was used as a part of all of his therapies.  When he was a baby, I had taken a Kindermusik class with him.  As a musician, I loved the way it introduced musical concepts to the very young, and later it struck me that so many of the things I was already doing with him from his Kindermusik classes, were being done with him in his therapies.   I decided to train to become a Kindermusik educator so that I could share these benefits with other children.

In 2009, I opened The Melody In Me, offering Kindermusik classes from a church basement and teaching singing and piano lessons from my home.  Learning how to work with my son had made me a better teacher.  I was more confident in breaking concepts down.  Through my years of teaching I have found that not only are music lessons beneficial to my students’ personal development, but they have also benefited from the musical knowledge and practice regimen.  I have seen so many students grow into more confident people through their lessons.

My approach is relaxed and friendly, but focused.  As a teacher, my biggest joy is seeing my students grow not only their musical skills, but also watching them grow into more confident people through their musical journey.  A number of my students have been recognized as outstanding performers in the Barrie Music Festival and have also gone on to compete at the provincial level. My students have also received recognition for high achievement in their Royal Conservatory exams and many have gone on to study music in post-secondary schooling. 


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Email: margot@themelodyinme.ca

Phone: 705-728-7828

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