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What We Do

At The Melody In Me we help parents who want to bring the joy, confidence and life skills that come from learning music, into their child’s life, in a fun, challenging and supportive environment.

Our Philosophy

“As a teacher, my biggest joy is seeing my students grow not only their musical skills, but also watching them grow into more confident people through their musical journey” – Margot Hamilton, Owner

At the Melody In Me, we believe that everyone has the potential to develop musical talents and succeed in their musical journey if they are enjoying what they are doing. Our programs are designed to train and develop students of all levels from beginner to advanced in a relaxed, but professional setting. Each private lesson is tailored to meet the needs of the individual student and our group classes are designed in a way that both beginner and more advanced students have the chance to grow and develop.


Our Methods

While the specific method books used can vary from teacher to teacher, at our studio the process is the same. The classes are relaxed and friendly, but at the same time they are structured to build a solid foundation in technique, theory and performance skills. Group classes are designed to challenge and develop all levels and abilities. All of the voice and piano teachers are qualified to prepare students for Conservatory exams as well as post-secondary studies, if needed. In Guitar lessons we teach note reading and theory as well as chord structures to be able to play popular songs.

Our Goals

Our goal at The Melody In Me is to foster a life-long relationship between our students and the performing arts.  Not everyone will be a professional singer or actor, but we believe that music and the performing arts are an essential part of a well balanced life.  Whether our students grow to be professional music makers or music appreciators, if they continue their relationship with music through their life, we have done our job!

Private Music Lessons

We offer private piano lessons (age 5 & up), guitar lessons (age 7 & up) voice lessons (age 9 & up) and beginner violin lessons (age 7 & up) in a variety of styles. Our professional but friendly environment is sure to help your child succeed!

Musical Theatre and Drama Classes

We have drama and musical theatre classes for young and old; including Musical Theatre for Kids (ages 6-10), The Musical Theatre Intensive Program (ages 10-18) and Acting for Adults (ages 18+)

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